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Game Centers Franchise

ExitWorld is an international team specializing in game centers offering unique entertainment opportunities to their clients: Find-a- Way-Out kind of quests, Hide-and- Seek in Darkness games, Laser Tag, virtual reality attractions, cinema effect Sumrak quest, etc.

In August 2014 the first ExitGames games center of 1000 sq.m. in area was opened in Moscow. Today the projects in Kiev (Ukraine), Varna (Bulgaria), and Russian cities are implemented under the Russian franchise.

We specialize in large game centers of 250 sq.m. in area with games (both for children and adults), virtual reality rooms, areas for company parties, and children parties.

A game center franchise is a successful start for your business!

Multi-purpose entertainment product
Provision of the whole range of building documents
Ability to build a game center on a turnkey basis
In-house CRM-system for business management
Developed brand and ready-to- use promotional materials
Exclusive for city
An average receipt amount per one client in a game center. An unusual party is an excellent alternative to cafes and restaurants that everyone is so tired of.
3-4 employees are enough to cope with several quests in real life. The salary budget is minimal.
From €16000
Revenue from one game center per month.
Minimum rent rates for premises that fit for quests – basement floors and design factories can be used for this purpose.
Only 3 games a day make business profitable.
This kind of business can be a 24-hour business.
Leave a query where the city of center starting is to be specified.
Agree on the premises, conclude a contract, and make a lump sum payment (buy franchise).
Get an access to the franchise package, quest building documents, domain e-mail - @exitgames. The location will be added to the federal web-site, IT-system, and task management system.
Buy the ready-to- use quest electronics or complex requisite at the production price.
Accept a startup-command that helps to make final changes, train personnel, work out the local marketing system, and play test games.
Run the Opening Day with support from the startup-team – welcome to the ExitWorld team!
What is a quest?
A reality quest (or a quest room) is a team adventure for 1-6 people. The players are given a legend according to which they find themselves locked in a theme-decorated room (in a jail or aboard a ship, for instance).

The aim of the players is to get out of the room during one hour. One should find the hiding- places, solve the riddles, use the available stuff, and look for keys and codes to be able to open the door finally.

You shouldn’t be physically strong to pass the quest but you won’t manage without erudition, logical thinking, and attention to details.

You shouldn’t be physically strong to pass the quest but you won’t manage without erudition, logical thinking, and attention to details.

Reality Quest is a game brought into reality where you are not the one who plays for a character but you are the character itself.

What is Hide-and- Seek in Darkness?
Hide-and- Seek in Darkness is an exciting adventure for a team of up to 12 people based on the idea of a famous game and complemented with new game scenarios, game area in form of a labyrinth, surround sound system, and darkness. The game has special visual and audio effects creating the atmosphere of a mild thriller. For children special illumination and funny background music are used.

The product fits any audience including those who don’t treat quests as a kind of entertainment and those who want to spend time relaxing with a big team. Unlike quests, Hide-and- Seek in Darkness can be played twice.

What is a VR-ROOM?
The VR Room is the most advanced virtual reality room in terms of the used technologies in Russia. It has been developed by the ExitGames script writers based on the HTC Vive technologies. The VR-glasses take the players into the unexplored worlds for 60 minutes, where they can fight with zombies, make a visit to the intergalactic space, and get unbelievable emotions.

What is Sumrak?
Sumrak is an absolutely unique product of the entertainment market. It’s the first cinema effect quest in Russia, where the players are supposed to investigate a mysterious murder. The tablet that the players are given provides augmented reality, and the special effects connected with the screen video make the players feel it’s really happening.

What is the price of franchise?
The franchise price is made of two components:
- initial payment (also called lump sum payment) made at contract conclusion;
- monthly revenue commission fee (royalty).

  • The price of the franchise is €2000 for small game centers (for example, Hide-and- Seek only) and €3500 for large game centers (at least three products – quests, hide-and- seek).
  • The royalty is 7% from the revenue.
When buying the ExitWorld franchise you get not just a quest franchise, but a franchise of a ready game center with the streamlined business processes.

What is included into the game documentation package?
The quest documentation package includes:
  • game scenario (description of actions that players are supposed to make to win);
  • 3D-visualization or game photo; game standard plan;
  • description of building works content and decoration process of game rooms;
  • bill of resources with estimate of costs and requisite description;
  • administrator guidelines to a standard game arrangement;
  • electrical plan with arrangement diagram of wiring, sockets, devices for a standard game room.
Do you provide ready-to- use electronics for quests?
The electronics used at quests is built up by the franchisee according to our descriptions. We can also build it up by ourselves if necessary (it doesn’t need to be developed, so the price will include only the cost of assembly, materials, and shipment).

What requirements should premises comply with?
The requirements to premises are quite simple. They don’t have to have windows or office interior decoration, but there should be a separate entrance available for 24 hours. Underground floors and basements will also fit if there is a good ventilation system or if it can be installed after the premise is zoned.
Ceiling height – from 2,7 to 2,9 meters.
Room area for one quest should be 35 sq.m., but this value is quite relative as we have quests for 30 sq.m. and for 40 sq.m. Everything depends on the room that is used and general project budget.
Preferred layout: a hall at the entrance for the general purpose area (reception, waiting area, WC) with access to quests from it. Depending on the scenario, the quest can have both one point of entrance/exit and separate entrance and exit.
The place should be located close to public transport. The availability of the place should outweigh its passability.

Can we check if the place fits before the contract is concluded?
Yes, we can zone the quest space before the contract is concluded.

What are the key differences?
  1. We prefer to build pretty large size game centers – for 3 quests and more. It allows to get additional profit from up-sells and company parties and to introduce new services that, unlike quests, can be sold repeatedly such as hide-and- seek in darkness, virtual reality games, GameTable (table size iPad), team games.
  2. The ExitGames brand has been well thought out as far as the visual communications are concerned by one of the leading branding agencies. The brand- book consists of 130 pages and grasps the whole scope of the brand use – starting from the logotype, brand elements, and marketing materials and ending with the decoration of general purpose areas (decoration of walls and floor, decoration of entrance to game rooms and photo making area).
  3. We use the in-house IT system for business management. Among other things it allows to:
    • collect contact data of all the players (not only of players booking the quest) and, as a consequence, to engage the players into new quests in future through e-mails;
    • register the offline channel a client has come through (for example, if the coupons with promo- codes have been distributed in a cinema, one can make a report on revenue from this channel);
    • financially motivate personnel to additional sales which is especially important for large game centers;
    • minimize the risk of fraud among decision-making personnel as all the possible discounts are registered in the system, and an employee can’t apply a business day discount on a weekend day, for example;
    • run reports in different planes in accordance with marketing specialist or manager demands.

Where are the game centers located?
  • One of the largest game centers in the world is located in Moscow. Over the area of 1000 square meters 9 quests of Find-a- Way-Out kind, amusement park, conference hall for company parties, virtual reality room, Sumrak augmented reality quest, virtual reality attractions and 2 Hide- and-Seek in Darkness locations (( are placed.
  • In Kiev there are 8 quests, conference hall, and Hide-and- Seek in Darkness that lodge at 700 sq.m. (
  • In Varna (Bulgaria) a game center with 5 quests, cyber sports area, and virtual reality attractions was opened (
  • In many Russian cities game centers of our franchisees are working. The largest centers are located in Nizhny Novgorod (6 quests, Hide-and- Seek in Darkness type game, and a party area), Surgut (4 quests, virtual reality room, two Hide- and-Seek in Darkness locations, and a party area) and Kazan (3 quests, VR-ROOM, three Hide-and- Seek in Darkness locations, and a lounge area).
  • The ExitGames game centers can also be found in Kurkino residential neighborhood in Moscow, Irkutsk, and Saratov.

Can I open a center under my own brand name?
Such an opportunity exists for the Hide-and- Seek in Darkness product, and it can be used both as a part of a new location opening and as a part of a new product introduction in addition to the quest business.
Within the framework of our project we provide:
  • connection to the cloud CRM business management system;
  • game area building documentation set for your specific space (rearrangement plan, doorways specifications, 3-D plane of the premise);
  • game area arrangement description;
  • description of electronics to be used;
  • game scenarios, scripts for administrators;
  • promotional materials layouts – for web-site, social networks, interior.
In this business model we charge an administrative fee at contract conclusion and a small monthly fee.

I still have some questions left.
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